Engineering Services

At Headway Transportation, we specialize in all aspects of traffic operations, design, and engineering. Read about our expertise in each area below.



Roundabout Design

Headway Transportation is highly skilled at planning, analyzing, and designing modern roundabouts.  Our team has evaluated and designed numerous roundabouts throughout California and Nevada tailored to address the specific traffic issues at hand.  We are well versed at creating roundabout designs that deal with complex intersection geometries including odd angled intersections and intersections with more than four legs.  We have designed roundabouts and traffic circles for both heavily traveled intersections and quiet neighborhood streets over the years and continue to create unique and innovative solutions to traffic issues. 

Signal Design

Our staff has decades of experience designing signals, improving signal timings, and creating high quality and accurate engineering schedules and estimates.  Our team has worked on signal designs all across California and Nevada helping to improve traffic operations and signal designs.  We believe that the basis of good traffic operations starts at having good traffic controls, especially signal designs and timings.  At Headway Transportation we pride ourselves on our signal design acumen and strive to stay abreast of industry best practices and innovations which may help to improve our signal design process.

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Traffic Operations Studies

Headway Transportation digs deep to find solutions at locations that present operational challenges for all modes of traffic: Bicycles, Pedestrians, Cars, Buses, and Trucks. Our staff have decades of experience identify issues that contribute to operational challenges and creating commonsense strategies to address them. Headway specializes in finding signal timing and design solutions that can drastically increase capacity and efficiency by using industry best practices and innovative concepts.

Traffic Analysis & Forecasting

At Headway Transportation, we specialize in Traffic Analysis & Forecasting.  We are highly skilled at creating complex and detailed traffic simulation models including simulations of unique roundabouts.  Using traffic analysis software such as Synchro, VISSIM, SIDRA, SimTraffic, VISUM, HCS+, and Vistro we can create simulations for any traffic issues, no matter how complex.  By creating high quality simulations and models, we are better suited to show governmental entities and the public how specific recommendations will work if implemented.  These models have been used successfully during public outreach to show how recommendations will operate if constructed.