Downtown Bicycle Facility Feasibility Study

Reno, NV

As part of the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Wheelchair Data Collection Program, which Headway Transportation has managed for RTC Washoe since 2013, our staff recently completed a Feasibility Study for four bicycle facility alternatives connecting Midtown, Downtown, and UNR in Reno, NV. The four alternatives included one-way standard bike lane couplets, one-way protected bike lane couplets, and a two-way protected bike lane. This effort included planning level traffic operations analysis on both study roadways (Center & Sierra Streets), Level of Traffic Stress analysis, parking impact analysis, and development of planning level cost estimates. The final recommendation identified the two-way protected bike lane as the preferred alternative based on the findings of the analysis and input from the public.

In addition to analyzing the feasibility of all four alternatives, our staff developed a conceptual design of the preferred alternative which will help RTC in future public engagement and design efforts. The conceptual design places the two-way protected bike lane on the left side of Center Street, a northbound one-way street, in order to avoid conflicts with heavy right-turn movements and transit stops. The conceptual design also includes two-stage turn-boxes following NACTO guidance which are intended to provide cyclists a safe and comfortable way to cross Center Street.