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4th St / Prater Way BRT Corridor Study & Final Design

Reno & Sparks, NV

Corridor Study

Awarded   2018 Transportation Project of the Year   by Truckee Meadows Branch of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Awarded 2018 Transportation Project of the Year by Truckee Meadows Branch of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Headway was the traffic engineering specialist for a multi-modal transportation planning corridor study covering approximately 7 miles of arterial roadway including 4th Street in Reno, NV and Prater Way in Sparks, NV.  Our work included walking inventories, future traffic volume development, level of service analysis, traffic simulation, identifying improvements for implementation of Bus Rapid Transit, planning pedestrian and bicycle facilities, streetscape/street environment/walkability improvements, automobile travel efficiency measures, and identifying safety improvements for all travel modes.  Headway also provided preliminary cost estimates for traffic signal improvements and assisted the RTC in preparing a TIGER Grant application to fund future design and construction of the improvements.

4th St & Prater Way 30% Design

Headway completed a walking safety audit, performed traffic volume forecasting using the regional travel demand model, calculated level of service, and developed lane configurations and cross-sections for each segment in the corridor.  We completed 30% design PS&E for signal modifications at (14) locations and signal interconnect between them. The 30% design focused on defining the improvements required to meet current MUTCD and ADA standards as well as signal modifications needed to accommodate the proposed reduced lane configurations.

4th St & Prater Way Final Design


Headway remained on the project team following the successful completion of the corridor study and 30% design effort.  During this portion of the project, Headway completed the final design PS&E for signal modifications at 10 locations including signal interconnect and fiber optic cables between them. Due in part to the work completed by Headway throughout the duration of this project, this project was awarded a 2015 Transportation Planning Excellence Award by the FTA.  This award recognizes projects based on their successes in forging partnerships in the community and developing creative, effective solutions with long-term benefits while addressing more than one form of transportation.  Headway is proud to have been a part of this award winning project and would like to thank our project partners and the FTA.